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Radiance Learning Academy, a preschool,  is dedicated to outstanding academic achievement by providing project-based hands-on learning for curious minds.

The Importance of Foundational Skills

At RLA, our primary focus is on providing each student with a solid foundation in core subjects. Through traditional teaching methods and one-year ahead curricula, students will have the opportunity to jump-start their academic excellence. These foundational skills will extend into our project-based learning approach and provide students with real-life learning experiences.

Problem-solving, quantitative skills, logical strategy, and critical thinking are essential aspects of our curriculum. We encourage students to apply their problem-solving and reasoning skills to all aspects of their learning. Resulting in our students will be equipped with both academic and real-life readiness. Students are encouraged to ask questions, take chances, assume responsibility, and collaborate with others. These skills allow students to become confident in their ability to communicate their thinking with peers and teachers. RLA is committed to stimulating students’ intellectual curiosity and developing independent thinkers that will be prepared to be future leaders.

English Language Arts

We offer a comprehensive English program focusing on reading comprehension, vocabulary, grammar, spelling, sentence and paragraph structure, and writing. We focus on:

  • Developing an awareness of letters

  • Recognizing that letters have specific sounds

  • Awareness of the relationship between “letters to words” and “words to sentences.”

  • Developing a basic vocabulary set by listening to and identifying unknown words in stories

  • Recognizing essential sight words in the text

Through a combination of “Phonics” and “Whole Language,” RLA students will be immersed in a unique approach to language arts education. The Phonics curriculum provides students with a systematic and sequential approach to reading, allowing young students to become early independent readers. The Whole Language curriculum has students explore language arts through literature, bringing context to the concepts taught. Teacher-guided instruction introduces literacy to all levels of students. Combined, these approaches to language arts encourage a love of literature, spark imagination, and develop a solid foundation in reading, writing, vocabulary, and comprehension. These strong foundational skills will translate to students being ahead of the academic curve.


Our math programs are designed to challenge students by building a solid math foundation through creative problem-solving. Our curriculum is developed based on the Art of Problem Solving © and Singapore Math © curriculum and aligns with the Common Core standards. We blend challenging word problems from several internationally recognized competitions in our classwork as a mechanism to build strong thinking and creative problem-solving skills. Our curriculum is consistently above students’ current grade levels. We strongly believe that with the proper foundation, every student has the potential to excel in math.


RLA students will develop strong foundational math skills through traditional teaching methods and hands-on, real-world applications. The combination of multiple approaches to math concepts allows students to develop deep comprehension and confidence in their problem-solving abilities. We teach number sense, place value, and computation systematically and sequentially. We will also strategically interweave problem-solving, logic, and higher-order math concepts into daily lessons. Students will learn to explain their thinking and showcase their reasoning. As a result of this approach, students will be ready to be at the top of their academic classes.

Social Studies

Students at RLA will explore the past, present, and possible future through literature and project-based learning. From personal stories to historical figures that helped shape society, students will delve into the human experience and how our world is impacted. We will explore how geographic regions determine housing, commerce, and energy use. Students will be encouraged to identify societal issues and begin identifying possible solutions that can help our global community.


Students’ natural curiosity will be encouraged as we learn about the world around us. Through experiments, non-fiction texts, collaboration, and project-based learning, students will develop their problem-solving and critical thinking skills. The scientific method is at the heart of our science curriculum. Students will learn to observe, hypothesize, experiment, collect data, and analyze their results through fun and engaging activities.

STEM and other specialized Courses

RLA highly values real-life learning experiences through project-based and interactive learning. Students participate in physical education, arts and crafts, and STEM through LEGO® Education. Physical education provides students opportunities to learn strategy, teamwork, and sportsmanship. Our arts and crafts curriculum will encourage students to explore their creativity and develop an appreciation of the aesthetic. LEGO® Education will allow students to explore engineering, technology, problem-solving, and collaboration.

Emotional Intelligence

Embedded in our approach is developing students’ emotional intelligence. Throughout each day, students will have opportunities to explore decision-making, interpersonal skills, self-expression, self-perception, and stress management. By providing students with a safe environment for making mistakes and learning from them, RLA will encourage the development, in partnership with families, of each child’s emotional intelligence.

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