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Raising Hands

Documentation and Forms

Admission Forms:

There are several forms you are required to complete before your child's attendance. The forms include the following:


1. Preschool Registration, including consent for emergency medical care and treatment.

2. Permission Authorization for field trips, transportation, water activities, photo, video, and surveillance activity.

3. Child Care fee Agreement and payment plan (ACH).

4. Certificate of Immunization Status (CIS) or Certificate of Exemption (COE)

5. A plan for the individual needs of a child, including allergies (if applicable)

6. Medication authorization and medical procedure training (if Applicable)

7. Heath history form and Permission to seek emergency medical treatment.

8. Child Care contract for care.

9. Covid admittance form

10. Other forms as required.


We will provide you with all the forms during your first visit and have other copies at our facilities.

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