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Preschool Assistant Teacher

Redmond, WA, USA

Job Type

Full Time

Radiance Learning Academy, a Preschool, is dedicated to providing project-based, hands-on learning for curious minds, resulting in outstanding academic achievement for all students. We are a small, upcoming academics-focused preschool with the best teachers-to-student ratio.

We seek a qualified teacher to prepare small children for preschool (Preschool, Pre-K, K or Grade 1) by easing them into organized education. Our teachers will teach them essential elements they will encounter soon after they enter school. A preschool teacher must have great love and patience for children. Qualifications needed to teach them effectively include knowledge of best practices, preschool educational methods, and the ability to engage them and earn their trust and attention. The goal is to contribute to the child's healthy mental and emotional development to acclimate to the next level of education.

Radiance Learning Academy is looking for an Assistant Teacher who can help with preschool classes in fun indoor/outdoor activities. In this job position, as an assistant to our lead teachers, you will assist children in everyday preschool activities. An ideal candidate will facilitate the readiness for children to be kindergarten ready. You will organize games and challenges that promote physical activity among our Pre-K / kindergarten students. Your goal is to develop motor skills and physical development among younger children. You must have strong speaking and listening skills. Assistance teachers must be able to observe all their students and maintain discipline within the class. In addition to students, they interact with parents, other teachers, and school administrators.


  • Bachelor's degree in education, science, or arts from a four-year College or University in the USA is required. An associate's Degree in Early Childhood Education combined with other degrees can also be considered.

  • This candidate should have an excellent driving record and can drive students safely for field trips. This is MUST for this position.

  • The candidate does not need to have any experience. They need to have an open mind to learn and work hard.

  • Candidate with unique skills (Arts, Crafts, Yoga, Sports, proficiency in one more foreign languages) would be preferred.

  • We expect the candidate to be very personable with excellent communication skills. They should love to teach young students.

  • A teaching Certificate or combination of equivalent education or experience is preferred.

  • Proof of work towards appropriate WA ECE certificates is required

  • Consistent experience with children of similar age groups is preferred

  • Applicants must be authorized to work in the United States for any employer.

  • Pre-employment background check is required.

  • Strong desire to support and engage in the school community

  • Being onsite between 8:45 am - 4:15 pm Monday-Friday is a must.

  • Merit / STAR ID is required.

  • Able to lift 40lbs, kneel, crouch, and sit on the floor with ease

  • Certification in child CPR

  • Negative TB test Documentation

  • Able to maintain WA state licensing requirements: CPR/First Aid/HIV training, Food Handlers, Blood Borne Pathogens, Proof of MMR & TB, 30 hrs. basic training/10 hrs. yearly

About the Company

Radiance Learning Academy is a licensed preschool that provides a stimulating, nurturing, and supportive environment to children ages 3-6. Our project-based, hands-on learning approach encourages curiosity, resilience, and a growth mindset. By emphasizing emotional intelligence, collaboration, and community, we help children develop essential life skills that will prepare them for success in the future. Our educators teach children to persevere through challenges and develop a lifelong love of learning. At Radiance Learning Academy, we believe that every child has the potential to shine.

At our facility, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional care and education to the families we serve. Our commitment to excellence extends to our employees, who thrive in our dynamic and supportive work environment and benefit from professional development and advancement opportunities.

We are at 22350 NE Marketplace Drive #114, Redmond, WA 98053.

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