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At RLA, our primary focus is on providing each student with a solid foundation in core subjects. Through traditional teaching methods and one-year ahead curricula, students will have the opportunity to jump-start their academic excellence. These foundational skills will extend into our project-based learning approach and provide students with real-life learning experiences.

Problem-solving, quantitative skills, logical strategy, and critical thinking are essential aspects of our curriculum. We encourage students to apply their problem-solving and reasoning skills to all aspects of their learning. As a result, our students will be equipped with both academic and real-life readiness.

Students are encouraged to ask questions, take chances, assume responsibility, and collaborate with others. These skills allow students to become confident in their ability to communicate their thinking with peers and teachers. RLA is committed to stimulating students' intellectual curiosity and developing independent thinkers that will be prepared to be future leaders.

Staffing and Ratios:

The staff of Radiance Learning Academy are dedicated to creating a safe, caring, and stimulating learning environment. We are committed to modeling positive behaviors that will encourage a strong self-image and a happy and confident outlook on life. Staff members are chosen for their ability and commitment to providing skilled care that recognizes every child's individuality and unique needs. These trained, experienced professionals receive certificates and degrees from an accredited community college or university child development program or have significant experience in the childcare field. Radiance Learning Academy values the continued professional development of the staff. It recognizes that quality childcare depends largely upon maintaining high skill levels among the employees. Therefore, the Radiance Learning Academy has provided training opportunities in and out of the center as part of employee benefits. In addition, the staff is encouraged to complete at least one Director-approved course or seminar related to early childhood education per quarter.

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