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First Week of RLA AY 2023-24: 9/4/2023 - 9/8/2024

Hello parents!


We had a great first week!  Students got to know their teachers and classmates, and they participated in lots of fun activities and arts & crafts. They also started working on their daily academics of math, ELA (reading, writing, spelling, etc.), science, STEM, and social studies for the older kids. Not to mention enjoying some read aloud, and for the younger kids, free play with puzzles, Legos, and building blocks. Throughout the week, all the children became more and more comfortable with their daily routines, and they especially loved outdoor time and afternoon PE at Summit Dance! 


This month’s theme is: Family and Me. Students are learning about different family members and their relationships to each other, ways to describe themselves (physical traits, emotions, characteristics, skills, etc.), and will even learn a little about DNA and genetics!


A few announcements and reminders:

Please read through everything carefully and add dates to your personal calendars.

  1. Please be sure to visit, like, and follow our social media pages.  We upload photos, videos, and remarks on a consistent basis; you will already find several pictures and a video posted from this week!

  1. Your children have homework this weekend! Here’s what they need to do:

  2. All students, due this Tuesday the 12th:

                                                   i.      Complete their All About chart, which will be sent home today

  1. You can help your kids write words, if needed, and if you have pictures you can use those, otherwise have your child draw

  2. Additionally for Kindergarten and 1st Grade, all due this Monday the 11th:

                                                   i.      Complete their My Family Worksheet, which is being sent home today

                                                 ii.      Bring in a small mirror to use for completing self-portraits


  1. All students are learning about family trees this month and will be making one of their own. Please e-mail us any individual photos (face shots, for example) that you have of your child’s family members – parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc. They will be using these pictures to make their personalized family trees. Please e-mail them to by next Wednesday the 13th.


  1. Parents of PreK, Kindergarten, and First Grade students: Every Friday, your children will alternately participate in Show and Tell, and talking about a given topic.

  2. Show and Tell: have your child bring in something from home that relates to that month’s theme. Your son/daughter will then present it to the class and talk about it. The first show and tell will be next Friday the 15th.

  3. Short talks: teachers will provide a topic on Mondays that your child will then talk to their classmates about on Fridays. These “talks” are informal – nothing to prepare or memorize – and are simply a way for students to practice presenting in front of a group and building up confidence. The first short talk will be Friday the 22nd.


  1. A specific message from our preschool teachers to Preschool parents:

The preschool teachers have some super fun ideas regarding the upcoming school year and would love for parents to get involved. Parent involvement is a fantastic way to get your children excited about school and eager to engage with the learning material as we move forward. 


Firstly, at the start of every week, starting on Monday, students will be learning about a new letter of the alphabet, and we will be having an “alphabetical show and tell” on each following Friday.  Our goal in this is to facilitate a fun and interactive way for students to expand their comprehension and retention of the alphabet. This Monday we will begin learning about the letter A. All through the week we will be discussing different words that begin with A, the phonetic sounds that it makes, as well as practicing it in writing. That Friday, the 15th,  we ask that parents help their students select an item from home that also begins with our letter of the week (in this case, A) so that students can then present it to their classmates. As stated prior, we will be doing this every week so in two weeks, students will be bringing in an object that starts with B, then C, so on and so forth. Our hope is that parents and families can help facilitate deeper learning by interacting with school content even in the home, so if you have any additional ideas or methods for encouraging your child’s learning, please feel free to do so. Ask them questions about our letter of the week, play games like I Spy, whatever works best for you and your child! 


Secondly, we are hoping to start doing our monthly “Mystery Reader” at the end of September. This will take a lot of hands-on parent involvement, but we believe the children will absolutely love it, and it’ll be a great way for parents and families to get involved. On the last Friday of every month, we will have a “mystery” parent come to our classroom and read the children a story from home! The students will only know that a mystery reader is coming in but will not know which parent it is, so if it’s you, we encourage you to keep it hidden from your child. The preschool teachers are working on a sign-up sheet and will be disbursing it to parents within the next week. Sign up dates are on the last Friday of each month and we will be doing Mystery Reader during our read-a-loud portion of the school day (3:30-3:50). We encourage you to sign up and bring one or two of your child’s favorite books from home. 


We are so thrilled to get the ball rolling on both projects and look forward to working with you to facilitate the best learning experience possible for your children. Please do not hesitate to email or WhatsApp Radiance with any questions you may have. 


Have a wonderful weekend and we look forward to seeing everyone back on Monday!



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