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Weekly Report: 10/2/2023 - 10/6/2023

Happy Friday, everyone! This week, we started our new theme for the month of October, which is Farms and Harvest. Our field trip to Oxbow Farm will be the perfect culmination of this theme. It will be a hands-on experience where students participate in seasonal farm activities such as planting seeds, tending raised garden beds, harvesting, and even snacking on tasty fruits and veggies throughout the day! They will also get the chance to talk to real farmers, spot wildlife and their tracks, and meet and learn about the inhabitants of the farm’s worm bin! 


A few announcements and reminders:

Please read through everything carefully and add dates to your personal calendars.


  1. Monthly teacher e-mails were sent out this morning. Please be sure to carefully and thoroughly read through them as teachers put a lot of time and effort into writing them. They have information about what students did and learned during the month of September, and specific information about each child’s performance and progress.


  1. Also this morning, monthly video presentations were uploaded to YouTube. They highlight the different activities that students did related to last month’s theme, Family and Me.


  1. So many of you have already signed up as field trip and Mystery Reader volunteers, and we really appreciate it! If you have yet to do so, please use the following links. For example, we still need our Preschool Mystery Reader for next Friday, the 13th.


  1. Don’t forget that orders for the Scholastic Book Club are due next Wednesday, the 11th! Again, anyone can order books from the fliers that went home last week by going to our school’s Scholastic page (, or by scanning the QR code found on the front of the flyer (it will ask you for our school’s zip code, which is 98053). The page is listed as “Ms. Lawrence’s Classroom” – that is me, Ms. Bayley. [If you would like another flyer, please let us know and we will get you one.]


  1. If you are planning any long trips, please give us at least a couple weeks’ advance notice of the dates that you will be gone. Teachers need extra time to prepare for long-term absences and will need to put together assignments for your child to work on while he/she is gone.


  1. Once again, regarding birthday treats:

  • Please bring in 27 (enough for all RLA kids to celebrate).

  • If you bring cupcakes, we suggest mini cupcakes.

  • Only provide nut-free items. Dairy/egg-free is also recommended, but not required. This was an allergy-friendly parent suggestion: Whole Foods mini cupcakes 

  • Please give at least a couple days’ notice that you will be bringing in treats.


  1. No weekend plans? Check out Salmon Days in Issaquah! It has a Field of Fun just for kids, lots of food and vendor booths, all sorts of amazing art, and even a parade Saturday morning!

·         Information:


  1. Don’t forget to visit our social media pages to view photos and videos from the week!

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