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Weekly Report: 10/23/2023 - 10/27/2023

Good afternoon, RLA family-


The field trip today was absolutely amazing! Despite it being a bit chilly, the kids had so much fun exploring Oxbow Farm and participating in so many exciting activities! They went on a leaf scavenger hunt, walked through a tomato tunnel, met Scary Larry the scarecrow, tasted various fruits and vegetables, harvested seeds, and so much more! Each student also got to bring back a pumpkin, which they will be decorating in class next week.

Earlier this week, we had our Scholastic books unboxing. The kids loved getting their new books and reading our new class books such as Pig the Slob and There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Turkey. Make sure to keep an eye out for our next Scholastic order which will take place in November.


A few announcements and reminders:

Please read through everything carefully and add dates to your personal calendars.


  1. Halloween (Oct. 31st) is on Tuesday! Again, we encourage kids to dress up in costumes, but please make sure they are not too scary and there are no weapons. (If you are worried about costumes getting dirty while eating or don’t think they will be comfortable for playing or napping in, please pack an extra set of clothes.)

Also, PTSA will be hosting our first “Trunk-or-Treat” at the end of the day. Around 3:40, kids will collect candy from decorated “trunks” on their way out the door!


  1. We really appreciate those of you who have been messaging us in advance when you know you will be late dropping off/picking up kids, or when your child will be absent. It makes our lives easier – especially for the teachers – knowing what to expect and how to plan/adjust.


  1. During meetings and conferences, we request that you please put away phones and be attentive. As we all know, it is a sign of respect to whoever is presenting, and it is also respectful to the other present adults who have a vested interest in what’s going on. Additionally, it conveys how much you value the time and effort that teachers put into your child’s learning and growth.


  1. With the changing weather, we wanted to outline our protocol for cancelling/delaying school due to snow, ice, etc. Generally, we follow whatever decisions are made by LWSD regarding Ella Baker Elementary and/or Rosa Parks Elementary. (You can sign up for LWSD phone alerts by going to:

  2. Occasionally, we may have to cancel or delay school even when LWSD does not, specifically when our parking lot and/or nearby roads are unsafe. We base these decisions on current weather, weather forecasts, traffic cameras, reports and photos from staff/parents living in Redmond Ridge, and when possible, reports from a staff member who drives out early to school to assess conditions.  Our decisions are always based on the safety of our students, parents, and staff, and also liability reasons.

  3. In the event of a school cancelation or delay, we will send out a parent notification via WhatsApp as soon as possible. If we have to cancel school in the middle of the day, we will call/message parents and remain with students until all of them have been picked up.


  1. Don’t forget to visit our social media pages to view photos and videos from the week! A video of our field trip will be uploaded shortly.

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