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Weekly Report: 9/11/2023 - 9/15/2023

Happy Friday everyone!


Students had a wonderful time this first full week of school. Children not only worked on improving their academic skills, but also continued learning about this month’s theme of Family and Me. They completed and then presented their All About charts, learned about different kinds of families from around the world, drew pictures of their own families, and more. We also celebrated Myra’s birthday with cupcakes and singing!


On Tuesday we had our first fire drill. Students practiced properly exiting the building and meeting up outside at our designated spot for rollcall. Everyone did great – they all stayed calm and carefully listened to instructions. We will have fire drills monthly and other emergency drills (earthquake, lockdown, etc.) every 3 months.


Thursday was our first chess lesson! PreK, Kindergarten, and 1st grade students had a blast with Coach Sloan learning about/reviewing some basic chess rules and procedures. We know that our kids will become chess experts in no time!


A few announcements and reminders:


Please read through everything carefully and add dates to your personal calendars.


  1. We will start charging for late pickups beginning Monday. For a rundown of late pickup fees, please refer to the email we sent out on August 31st, the Thursday before school started, entitled “1st of 3 Important Reminders from Radiance Learning: Timeliness.”  


  1. We will also start tracking student tardies on Monday. Late students will be given a tardy slip upon being signed in, and they will then hand that slip over to their teacher. This procedure is meant to dissuade children from being late and reiterate to them the importance of being on time. We hope that kids will make every effort possible to avoid getting a tardy slip!


  1. Remember that teachers will be sending out monthly emails to summarize what happened the previous month, including individualized notes regarding your student’s academic, social, and behavioral progress.  So, make sure to look out for these during the first week of every month, starting October.


  1. Our first field trip is already planned! We will be going to Oxbow Farm in Carnation on Friday, October 27th. We will soon be sending out a sign-up for parents to sign up as chaperones. We are asking that at least one parent of each child volunteer with Radiance at some point throughout the school year.


  1. When you bring in special snacks for a birthday celebration, please make sure that the food not only doesn’t contain nuts but also wasn’t manufactured using equipment that processes nuts. And if possible, try to purchase dairy-free products. We want to prevent students who are sensitive to allergens from having a reaction. Thanks!


  1. We suggest that you spend at least 10 minutes every day either reading to your child or having your child read on his/her own. This will significantly improve their language skills!


  1. Don’t forget to visit our social media pages to view photos and videos from the week!



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