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Weekly Report: 9/25/2023 - 9/29/2023

Hello parents!


This last week of September was a blast! Students wrapped up this month's theme of "Family and Me” by constructing DNA out of pipe cleaners and taking their own fingerprints. During Thursday’s weekly chess lesson, kids reviewed/learned about the bishop and spent a good amount of time playing games against each other. In science, students learned about such concepts as texture and sound through various hands-on activities and experiments. Oh, and the rain didn’t stop our fun – kids still enjoyed their outdoor time even when it was a little wet!


A few announcements and reminders:

Please read through everything carefully and add dates to your personal calendars.


  1. PTSA is planning on sending out sign-ups for parents to volunteer for field trips and Mystery Reader, by the end of day today. They will be sent digitally through WhatsApp via SignUpGenius, so please be on the lookout for them.

We already have our readers for today – thank you Preethika (preschool) and Rohit (PreK, KG, 1st) – but we will need plenty more in the future. We will also need to soon confirm our drivers and chaperones for our 1st field trip to Oxbow Farm next month. So please sign up soon once you get the WhatsApp messages from PTSA. Thank you in advance!


  1. On Monday, students brought home their first Scholastic Book Club flyer. As described in the attached letter, you and any family or friends can order books from the flyer by going to our school’s Scholastic page (, or by scanning the QR code found on the front of the flyer (it will ask you for our school’s zip code, which is 98053). The page is listed as “Ms. Lawrence’s Classroom” – that is me, Ms. Bayley.

Ordering books through Scholastic is not only a blast for kids (I still remember how excited I was to order my Scholastic books when I was in elementary school!), but it earns us rewards that we can use to buy books and other supplies for the school. Orders are due Wednesday, October 11th. Soon after the due date, the ordered books will be mailed to Radiance and students will get to unpack their books together in a fun-filled event!


  1. Monthly teacher e-mails will be sent out next Friday, October 6th. They will describe the various lessons/activities that kids did during the month of September and will also have some specifics about how your individual child is doing in class. Be on the lookout for these e-mails!


  1. Also next Friday, monthly video presentations will be uploaded to YouTube. These videos will highlight the different activities that students did related to our monthly theme. Remember, September’s theme has been: Family and Me.

  1. Don’t forget to visit our social media pages to view photos and videos from the week!

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