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Danielle Liu


Meet Ms. Liu, an educator with a diverse background and a passion for teaching. Growing up in Washington and spending five years in China, she has experienced different cultures, which enriches her approach to education. Ms. Liu holds a B.A. in Humanities for Teaching from Seattle University, specializing in Elementary Education. She is furthering her educational journey by pursuing a Master's in Education in Curriculum and Instruction.

Radiance Learning Academy is fortunate to welcome Ms. Liu for her first year with them, marking her third year of teaching overall. Previously, she honed her teaching skills as a 4th-grade teacher in the Bellevue School District. Over the years, Ms. Liu has amassed eight years of experience working with children ranging from early childhood to teenagers. Her journey began at KidsQuest Children's Museum in Bellevue, followed by volunteering at various elementary schools in Bellevue and Seattle school districts.

Ms. Liu finds the friendly and welcoming environment at Radiance Learning Academy especially appealing. The small class sizes allow her to provide individualized support and care for her students, something she values deeply. Her mission is to infuse the classroom with warmth and kindness, fostering a positive and safe learning space for her students to thrive.

Outside of her work, Ms. Liu indulges in a variety of interests. She enjoys exploring new restaurants, engaging in tennis matches, attending concerts, and finding joy in the company of her beloved cats, Corn and Tony. Spending quality time with her friends and family also holds a special place in her heart.

With her unique experiences and dedication to creating an inclusive learning environment, Ms. Liu is ready to embark on a rewarding journey at Radiance Learning Academy. Her passion for education and commitment to her students make her an invaluable addition to the school community.

Danielle Liu
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