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Gita Kapoor


Introducing Gita Kapoor - a dedicated educator, fitness enthusiast, and proud mother to a son pursuing his Masters in Engineering. Gita embarked on her journey in education as a Nutritionist in India, but after five years, she transitioned into the teaching field. As she progressed, she realized that teaching gave her an enormous responsibility of nurturing young minds while preserving their creativity and originality.


With over fifteen years of teaching experience, Gita has taught various subjects, counseled children of all ages, and worked as an English coordinator and subject head. As an educator, Gita believes in guiding young minds toward finding their paths and providing them with tools to cope with success and failure without losing their balance.


Recently, Gita migrated to the U.S.A, and while searching for a job, she stumbled upon Radiance Learning. She was captivated by the positive and warm vibes and how children freely express themselves in a conducive, organic learning atmosphere. The enthusiasm of her colleagues and the school's philosophy, under the aegis of Mr. Arasu and Ms. Bayley, further solidified her decision to join Radiance.


In her leisure time, Gita enjoys gymming, walking, and hiking. Dancing has always held a special place in her heart since school. She is also passionate about learning new vocabulary words, solving puzzles, and polishing her language skills.


Gita's impressive educational background includes a Bachelor of Science in Home Science and Science honors, a Bachelor of Education in Home Science and Science, and a Master's in Dietetics and Public Health Nutrition. With her diverse educational background and experience in the teaching field, Gita is a valuable asset to the Radiance Learning community.

Gita Kapoor
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