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Jessie Thomas


Jessie Thomas, a passionate educator who finds great joy in sharing a glimpse of her life with others. Originally hailing from Washington, Jessie grew up surrounded by the natural beauty of Maui. Recently, she earned her B.A. in Early Childhood and Family Studies from the esteemed University of Washington.

Throughout her college years, Jessie proactively sought opportunities to enrich her knowledge and skills in the classroom. As a result, she has amassed over five years of invaluable hands-on experience working with children in various educational settings. Her journey has taken her to private and public elementary schools, where she is adeptly taught in inclusive general education and special needs preschool classrooms. Additionally, she had the privilege of supporting families through homeschooling during the challenging times of the pandemic.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Jessie's personal life is filled with moments of genuine connection. You'll often find her cherishing quality time at home, surrounded by her cherished friends, a loving family, and her adorable feline companion, Allie. Embracing the power of art and music, Jessie immerses herself in playing several instruments and engaging in artistic and expressive activities like writing, dancing, and painting.

As an educator, Jessie's heart swells with inspiration when she witnesses each child's transformative journey. For her, true fulfillment lies in helping them unlock their infinite and unique potential. Celebrating their growth in confidence and, nurturing their learning process, embracing successes and mistakes are what propels her dedication as an educator.

Jessie is elated to be part of a tight-knit community at Radiance Learning Academy, where collaboration thrives. She is fully committed to providing their students with the most rewarding learning experiences, and her enthusiasm knows no bounds.

Should you wish to connect or learn more about her work, Jessie is always eager to listen and engage. Her excitement for continuing this educational journey knows no bounds, and she eagerly looks forward to positively impacting the lives of the children she has the privilege to teach.

Jessie Thomas
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