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Jheel Goel


Jheel's background is equally diverse and impressive, having lived in over ten cities across India, Dubai, and the USA. Her varied experiences have given her a unique perspective and understanding of different cultures.


Jheel indulges in her passions for art and craft, swimming, canvas painting in oils and acrylics, and traveling in her leisure time. She also excels in maths, and her passion for inspiring creativity and imagination in children is truly remarkable.


For Jheel, the most rewarding part of teaching is witnessing the joy on children's faces when they master a new skill. She loves interacting with children, helping them expand their imaginations through storytelling, reading, and engaging with their peers. Jheel also enjoys joining in with children to play, sing, and laugh, exploring her inner child.


Jheel's decision to join Radiance Learning Academy was driven by the positive energy and family-like feeling she experienced during her interactions with colleagues, management, students, and their families. At RLA, she can encourage, nurture, and support positive outcomes in children's health, well-being, and learning. Jheel finds working in early childhood education and cares to be a source of happiness, pride, and reward; being a part of the RLA team is a dream come true for her.

Jheel Goel
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