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Yuli Larrahondo


Yuli Marcela Larrahondo, a proactive, fun, and dependable professional with a deep love for children. Yuli firmly believes that providing early support, learning, and care is crucial for children's future success. With a diverse background, she has accumulated experience as a preschool assistant teacher, Spanish teacher, and childcare provider in various settings, including homes, community centers, and outreach projects. Moreover, Yuli has contributed to the physical and personal growth of children in the church through her training.


Beyond her passion for working with children, Yuli is also a skilled business administrator, having worked in social non-profit organizations focusing on human rights, children's rights, and women's rights. Her interest lies in supporting children's development and assisting them with their required tasks.


Yuli's talents extend to the realm of arts and music, as she is a singer and plays the piano. She envisions a pleasant time with her students, combining games and music to create an enjoyable and interactive learning experience while exchanging languages.


Yuli has excelled in marketing, sales, financial management, and operations in her ventures. She possesses essential soft skills, including teamwork, leadership, effective communication (verbal and written), and artistic abilities in singing, guitar, and piano. Her readiness to share knowledge and actively learn makes her an excellent educator and mentor for children.


Yuli holds a degree in Business Administration from Universidad Nacional Abierta y a Distancia (UNAD) in Bogotá, Colombia, class of 2009. Currently, she is learning English while maintaining fluent proficiency in Spanish.


With her diverse skill set, passion for children's development, and expertise in business administration, Yuli is a valuable asset in providing safe and caring support to her students. Her commitment to exchanging knowledge and creating a fun learning environment ensures that children thrive under her guidance.


At Radiance Learning Academy, we are proud to have Ms. Yuli as our childcare assistant, and we know that she is committed to providing excellent care for our students.

Yuli Larrahondo
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