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"My kids have been going to Radiance Learning for more than two years now and just love the school, the teachers, and the whole environment. They also went for summer camp most of the summer last year and want to go here only this year. We love the school. It’s run by some very passionate people and it clearly shows. They are stem-focused, in a very nurturing environment. The teachers and the founder are always available and are happy to listen to you and your child to make it a great experience for everyone. I was amazed at the amount of fun my kids had at the camp last year – park trips, board games, etc. along with some fun robot races, chess competitions, and eng creations. And the teachers were so understanding with my daughter who had just finished K last year by offering her a variety of things to do during the day so she’s happy and motivated all day. I remember them having a ton of little kids board games already and then going out and buying more games and craft supplies specifically for younger kids. They are awesome! It’s my kids one and only summer camp location choice this year."

"We thank you for all your support and help in our 1st graders' development academically and as a child. He joined your after-school program a few years back with an intention to make new friends and try out extracurricular activities after school. You found a spark in him and engaged him to do more. We clearly saw a positive change in him and his zest to learn more. Thank you for encouraging us to pursue his interest in Math which helped him clear LWSD's highly capable program with flying colors. Your perseverance and eye towards his growth will always be appreciated. Special thanks for your passion and willingness to go above and beyond to help the kids achieve their goals. It's so impressive to see how kids enjoy the schedule without feeling being dragged or pushed for studies, you have ensured that kids have fun in learning and enjoy every part of this journey, we are so glad that we are sending him to Radiance Learning, when he is back home he can enjoy his time without worrying about any other task to be done."

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