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Radiance Learning Academy, a preschool,  is dedicated to outstanding academic achievement by providing project-based hands-on learning for curious minds.


Innovation, Compassion, and Critical Thinking


At Radiance Learning Academy (RLA), all three of these components come together to help ensure that your child’s best self radiates through. With the incorporation of project-based hands-on learning, all students can achieve outstanding academic achievement.

Our educators encourage a growth mindset by teaching students to be resilient when facing challenges, which develops a lifelong love for learning. We are devoted to providing a stimulating, nurturing, and supportive environment to young children. Students will develop their emotional intelligence through a strong emphasis on collaboration and community, which we reinforce through project-based learning.


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We are a STEM-based school providing opportunities to all students in academic enrichment through real-life project-based learning. Using blended learning techniques in a Flexible-Space classroom environment, our educators seamlessly provide high-quality STEM experiences that are tailored to your child’s specific age and needs. Although we are a STEM-based school, our comprehensive curriculum incorporates core academic subjects, such as Math, ELA, History, Science, and Art, ensuring your child meets required State Standards. Our unique approach inspires students to think out of the box, explore the world around them, increases science literacy, and enables the next generation of innovators! 

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We help students gain a strong sense of community and empathy through the use of emotional intelligence and a project-based learning curriculum. Through the use of project-based learning, students actively explore real-world problems and challenges and acquire deeper knowledge. They gain the insight of others and learn how to work collaboratively. Decades of research show that these skills are essential to effective teaching and learning, sound decision making, physical and mental health, and success in school and beyond. We encourage students to be part of the community they belong to. We help them take responsibility for the well-being and improvement of their communities. Our students are motivated to become next-generation leaders who value global well-being and approach their life challenges with integrity, perseverance, and compassion!   

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Critical Thinking

Students with critical thinking skills become more independent, self-directed learners. By teaching children that the brain is indeed a muscle, and like all muscles, the more you work out, the stronger it gets, we encourage students to challenge themselves, and their thinking. This, in turn, helps to develop students with grit, perseverance and provides them with readiness and confidence to take on new or challenging tasks. It is our mission Radiance Academy to raise the next generation of problem solvers and critical thinkers!   

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