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Welcome to RLA K/1 program, where we offer a full-day academic program for young learners between the ages of five and six. Our comprehensive K/1 curriculum focuses on core subjects such as Mathematics, Language, Social Studies, and Science to help young students establish a strong foundation for their academic journey.


We take pride in providing a well-rounded education that integrates our signature gifted test preparation program, including COGAT, NNAT, and ITBS. Our experienced educators recognize that preparation for gifted and talented programs is essential for a child's success with the advanced placement tests. We have designed our curriculum to support students in achieving their goals.


At RLA K/1, we incorporate STEM education, project-based learning, and character education into our program. By doing so, our students can develop critical thinking skills and better understand the world around them. We believe that character education is a vital component of a child's education, and we strive to instill positive values such as responsibility, respect, and perseverance in our students.


Our dedicated and experienced educators are committed to providing a supportive and nurturing learning environment where each child can thrive. We take a personalized approach to education and work closely with each student to ensure they receive the individual attention and support they need to succeed.


At RLA K/1, we are confident that our 21st Century Education program will prepare our students for a successful academic journey and beyond. We are committed to providing an exceptional education that empowers young learners to reach their full potential.

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