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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does the RLA preschool offer lunches/snacks?​​​​​​​​​​

    • Radiance Learning Academy will provide snacks to all students. Lunch will be the responsibility of each family to provide.​

  • Do the students have naptime?

    • Preschool students who attend the full-day program will be offered a naptime following lunch.

    • Pre-K and Kindergarten students will not have nap time. However, if a student is tired, we will provide them with a space to rest.

  • How much time do the Pre-K and Kindergarten students spend at their desks?

    • Each class session will be divided into circle time, desk work, and hands-on learning. The exact amount of time will be determined by the day’s activities.

    • Students will eat snacks and lunch at their desks as well.

  • Do the kids have playtime?

    • Students will be offered 2, 30-minute recess times each day. The recess may include free play, outdoor play, or organized exercise activities.​

  • Do you offer before-school or afterschool care?

    • We offer afterschool care for families who pre-register.​

  • How do you communicate with families?

    • Email

    • Whatsapp

    • Facebook

    • Progress report

    • Monthly Newsletter

    • Parent Nights

    • Community Events

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