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Weekly Report: 11/13/2023 - 11/17/2023

Happy Friday, everyone!


It was great to see so many of you at our quarterly presentations and Diwali + Thanksgiving celebrations this week! Not only did the kids like seeing you there, but the staff really appreciated it too!


I’m keeping this introduction short because it’s getting late, but please continue reading through the rest of this e-mail. Thanks!


A few announcements and reminders:

Please read through everything carefully and add dates to your personal calendars.


  1. Sickness has really been spreading this year. In my 15 years of being an educator, I have never seen it this bad. To help minimize the chances of infection, we are requesting that if you or your child is experiencing any symptoms of cough, sneezing, runny nose, or sore throat, to please wear a mask. Of course, if your child has a fever (temperature of 100.4 or above), please keep them at home until they fully recover. Also be sure that you and your children remain current in vaccinations/boosters, including those for the flu and COVID.

  2. The PTSA board members want to express how grateful they are for all of your help and donations so far. The painting of the diyas, Trunk-or-Treat, the scheduling of Mystery Readers and field trip volunteers, and more wouldn’t have happened without your assistance! As they originally pointed out, your support and involvement are invaluable, and they continue looking forward to working closely with each and every one of you.

  3. If you are interested in becoming a board member or getting more involved, please contact PTSA. They would love to have you. Also, please provide any feedback as this is the group’s inaugural year and they are learning as they go, mistakes and all!

  4. Don’t forget to order your child some Scholastic books from the holiday flyer that was passed out last week! Orders are due Wednesday, November 29th. You can order books by going to our school’s Scholastic page ( or by scanning the QR code found on the front of the flyer (it will ask you for our school’s zip code, which is 98053). The page is listed as “Ms. Lawrence’s Classroom.” And remember, for every book you order, Radiance gets points to use towards purchasing its own books and supplies! 

  5. We understand that there have been some safety concerns lately regarding recent criminal activity in the area. Although these were isolated incidents that took place late at night, we are looking to increase our security by possibly investing in self-locking doors and/or installing an outdoor keypad for entrance. We currently keep our back door locked at all times and lock the front door when no one is out front to monitor it. We will keep you posted on our security upgrades.


Don’t forget to visit our social media pages to view photos and videos from the week. Quarterly presentation videos are up on YouTube and the Diwali presentations will be uploaded on Monday.

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